• English Learning Made Easy

    I am an experienced online ESL teacher that offers fun and engaging classes that make learning English easy and fun! I teach children and adults using quality curriculums and lessons that are customized to each student's needs.


    我是一位经验丰富的在线 ESL 老师,提供有趣且引人入胜的课程,让学习英语变得轻松有趣!我会根据每个学生的需求定制优质课程来教儿童和成人。

    What I Offer

    In my classroom, my students will learn proper grammar, pronunciation, listening, and speaking in English. My teaching methods include role play, music, games, and using my students' interests to get them excited about our time together in class. Contact me to book a trial lesson today!



  • About Me


    For over three years, I taught English online for VIPKID. So far, I have taught more than 20,000 classes to more than 3,000 students.

    I have a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Minnesota Moorhead and a TESOL certification for teaching English as a second language. My goal is to make learning English fun and interesting. Feel free to make a booking and try me out!

    三年多来,我一直在为 VIPKID 在线教授英语。到目前为止,我已向 3,000 多名学生教授了 20,000 多门课程。 我拥有明尼苏达大学穆尔黑德分校的基础教育学士学位和英语作为第二语言教学的 TESOL 认证。我的目标是让学习英语变得生动和有趣,请随时预订并试用吧!

    Hello! My name is Teacher Justin and I'm from Fargo, ND, USA. I've been teaching and tutoring for more than 15 years. My teaching experience includes music lessons, teaching in schools, and training adults in First-Aid/CPR and in the behavioral health field. My ESL journey began during my university years while teaching refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo how to read.


    你好!我叫贾斯汀老师,来自法戈,美国北卡罗来纳州。我从事教学和培训行业已超过 15 年。我的教学经验包括音乐课、学校教学以及急救/心肺复苏术和行为健康领域的成人培训。我的 ESL 之旅始于我大学时期,当时我教来自刚果民主共和国的难民如何阅读。

  • Curriculums

  • Course Offerings

    Competitive Speech Course

    In this program, students will learn about the different types of speeches and gain several tools to write and perform a speech of excellent quality. This course is available for both 1:1 classes and group classes.


    在本课程中,学生将了解不同类型的演讲,并获得多种工具来编写和执行高质量的演讲。本课程适用于 1:1 课程和小组课程。

    Fantasy English Club

    Fantasy English Club is a group storytelling activity that is game-based and speaking-based. Students will create a character with special abilities in a fantasy world. They will work with other students to solve puzzles and overcome challenges. Benefits of this activity include speaking practice, critical thinking, tactical strategy, improved listening skills, and social skill development. If students enjoy Harry Potter or other fantasy stories, they will love this game.


    Fantasy English Club 是一个以游戏为基础,以口语为基础的团体讲故事活动。学生将在幻想世界中创造一个具有特殊能力的角色。他们将与其他学生一起解决难题并克服挑战。这项活动的好处包括口语练习、批判性思维、战术策略、提高听力技能和社交技能发展。如果学生喜欢哈利波特或其他奇幻故事,他们会喜欢这个游戏。

  • Classes

    Classes will be held via Zoom, Voov, ClassIn, or whichever platform works best for your student. The trial class is half-price so we can find the right platform and curriculum.

    25-Minute Class


    55-Minute Class


    40-Minute Group Class


    per student

  • Packages

    I offer the following discounts for purchasing classes in bulk.

    10 Classes

    If you purchase 10 classes, you will get a 5% discount.


    如果您购买 10 节课,您将获得 5% 的折扣。


    20 Classes

    If you purchase 20 classes, you will get a 10% discount.


    如果您购买 20 节课,您将获得 10% 的折扣。


    30 Classes

    If you purchase 30 classes, you will get a 15% discount.

    如果您购买 30 节课,您将获得 15% 的折扣。


    BONUS INCENTIVE: If you refer a friend and they make a purchase, you will get one free 25-minute class.

  • Policies


    Please contact me by email or WeChat to discuss availability and make appointments.




    Cancellations must be received in writing by email or WeChat at least 24 hours before class.

    取消必须至少在上课前 24 小时通过电子邮件或微信以书面形式收到。


    Late Arrivals

    Please arrive to class on time. I cannot stay longer to make up the missed class time.


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    Email: teacher.justin.esl@gmail.com


    WeChat: TeacherJustinESL